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Why CareFree Home Warranty?

The Carefree Home Warranty provides home protection from unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions of your home’s mechanical systems. This includes HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and appliances. The Carefree Home Warranty provides confidence in the home you’re purchasing and peace of mind knowing that you are protected.

CareFree: $399 per year

  • Basic coverage of up to two HVAC systems and water heater.
  • Free seller’s coverage during the listing period.
  • One combined preventive maintenance call (for the buyer only).


*This is not a contract of insurance

Who is CareFree Home Warranty?

Carefree Home Warranty is a locally owned and operated company with one goal in mind: quality technicians providing exceptional service. Carefree Home Warranty has a mission to deliver service that makes a difference, serving our customers with great and prompt service by well-trained technicians and support staff.

CareFree New Construction: $652

Get a Carefree Home Warranty on new construction.

  • Covers years 2-5 after the builder’s warranty expires
  • All the same coverage as a normal Carefree Warranty
  • Includes one-time HVAC preventive maintenance appointment

Need Additional Protection?

Simply check these services for the listed annual fee.

Blue Beetle Coverage $199.99/yr
Per additional heating & cooling systems (after 2) $99/yr
Additional water heater $82/yr
Boiler (includes gas valves, ignitors, pilot safety, thermocouples, transformers, pilot) $220/yr
Zone controls $186/yr
Steam canister humidifiers $201/yr
Back-up sump pump (excludes batteries) $88/yr
Water softener $99/yr
Power vent water heater $99/yr
Septic tank $120/yr
Sewer ejector $132/yr
Electronic air cleaner $52/yr
Clothes washer/dryer $89/yr
Freestanding freezer $79/yr
Additional refrigerator $79/yr
Duplex $279/yr
Triplex $619/yr
Fourplex $958/yr

Trip Charge Fees

  • $85 fee for each trade service call and up to $2000
    of coverage per trade call for the buyer.
  • Each trade (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Appliance)
    is a separate trade call
  • Different mechanical trades require a separate fee

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